Your family insurance portfolio: unexploited potential

An insurance portfolio often comprises a complex mixture of various long- and short-term policies:

– Health insurance
– Life insurance
– Pension fund assets and AVS
– Real estate (in Switzerland and abroad)
– Valuable collections (fine art, jewellery, etc.)

To free you of the burden of managing these often complex family assets while helping you to fully exploit their potential, you need competent professional advice. The management and staff of PFS Conseils SA can meet all your requirements for managing your financial assets, in accordance with the basic principles of our company.

What you can expect

Similar to a ‘family office’, PFS Conseils SA :

> Carefully analyses your requirements
> Helps you to draw up a budget that takes account of all your annual insurance expenditure
> Opens a current account in your name, to enable you to settle all your bills, after careful checking by us
> Assists you with all the paperwork whenever you amend policies, make claims, or change your personal circumstances
> Provides advice on tax and inheritance legislation
> Provides you with a fully integrated service perfectly adapted to your needs, thanks to its broad network of local specialists*

* A certain volume of insurance premiums is nevertheless required. Please ask us for further information about this.

Our aim:               

« Set your mind at rest so that you can concentrate on your job, your family, and your leisure activities »

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