Based in Geneva, PFS Conseils SA is a Swiss consultant specializing in insurance, occupational pensions and asset management.

We manage a portfolio of customers comprising SMEs – mainly in the services sector – municipalities and the medical profession. We also provide tailor-made services for a demanding private clientele, taking account of their specific individual requirements.

PFS Conseils SA customers are attracted by our range of first-rate services, backed by experience and expertise, total independence from insurance companies, flexibility, and fast decision-making. Additionally, we offer a broad network of reputable and trustworthy companies, long-term support, and a commitment to transparency and fairness. And finally, our ultimate selling point: our uncompromising discretion!

Four values characterize PFS Conseils SA and make us stand out from the crowd:


PFS Conseils SA is registered as an insurance broker with FINMA under the number 30 487.